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Birth of Volkswagen

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Volkswagen was Adolf Hitler’s project. It was his dream for an affordable car for all German people. Hitler commissioned Porsche to design a car that will sell for only 990 Reichmarks. Because private industry could not produce the car at such a low price, Hitler had a factory built in 1938.
This app includes the “birth certificate” of Volkswagen: the original page from Nazi newspapers, with a detailed report and Adolf Hitler speech at the ceremony in the new KdF-Stadt (modern-day Wolfsburg). The app includes the speech translation from German to English.
“Birth of Volkswagen” include also original photos from the ceremony on May 26, 1938. You can see colour pictures such as:• Volkswagen Beetle prototypes (Hitler called them KdF-Wagen) flanked by SS troops and swastikas, • Hitler and Porsche near one VW beetle, • Ferry Porsche driving one VW Beetle with Hitler, Ferdinand Porsche and Robert Ley etc.
A few quotes from Hitler speech:• the automobile must become the means of transportation for the Volk!• It is for these broad masses that this car has been designed. It is to correspond to their need for transportation, and it is in this context that it is to bring enjoyment to the people.• As we build this greatest of Germany’s automobile factories, we shall also build an exemplary German worker settlement.• Hence I proceed to lay the cornerstone for this factory which, I am certain, shall become a symbol of the National Socialist Volksgemeinschaft!
Surprised? Even more surprising is that Hitler legacy lives on: the same VW beetle model was manufactured unchanged for the next 65 years as the most successful car model in history, with over 21.5 million units sold. And even more surprising is that it became also a symbol of peace and love!
And of course, since 1938 Volkswagen diversified and become one of the most successful car makers in the world.
Please note that we do not represent Volkswagen company and only present the content of the newspapers and vintage photographs as they were published over 75 years ago.
Also, some of these vintage newspapers and photos may display political symbols (such as Nazi symbols, communist symbols etc), or may express political or social views, the prices are expressed in Reich Marks etc. We have no position with regards to the content of the newspapers and photos, and occasionally translate the text only to present the flavour of the historical context.
Birth of Volkswagen is an educational app, the result of our research and for the purpose of presenting historical data only. It does not carry any marketing, sale or political message. Volkswagen company does not sponsor, authorise or endorse any information in this app. All copyright information is available on request.